Lizzie is an attractive, slim brunette in her 40s.

Lizzie is an attractive, slim brunette in her 40s. She is holding her first party and is super excited at the prospect of having 6 to 8 guys give her their full attention, dump their cum inside her and make her orgasm.

She is slightly submissive and wants to be gently directed across an afternoon of passionate sex. To start off, gentle kissing and nipple sucking whilst you take her clothes and lingerie off piece by piece. She wants to feel lots of hands on her, massaging her and then be led onto the bed, have her legs spread and let herself go with tongues and then the first cock in her wet pussy.

Once she’s warmed up, she’ll want cock in her arse. She wants to be told which position to go to and when to take a DP (which she loves…), maybe airtight at the same time. If the mood takes her, blindfold her and tie her hands to the bed as more cocks bring her to orgasm after orgasm. She loves sex and has a huge appetite. This is a bareback-only party and she wants to feel load after load dumped in her pussy and arse with her partner finishing the session by dumping his load on top. If you can tick all the boxes below then please apply.

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