Party Fees, Costs & Deposits


Single Ladies – $10
Any ladies keen to experience group sex won’t find a better offer in Melbourne.

Single Men – $110
Our prices reflect how popular our parties are with single men, it really is that simple. If it is your first time with us you will need to pre pay your door fee. If you are a regular you can pay at the door. Of late our fees have been questioned. The venues we use are pricey. The girls that come to our parties are classy. If we used sub standard venues, then the girls attending will follow suite. It’s up to you.

Couples – $55
We can’t think of a more romantic evening for a modern couple.

PRIVATE PARTIES-Couples & Single girls booking fee To confirm your booking we will require a $200 retainer. The cost of each event varies, so please contact us and get a quote. If the party doesn’t go ahead because of us, you will receive a full refund.

Our Banking Details. The Playpen. BSB: 083-202 Acct No: 59-529-4713


NO means NO.
Do not apply for a party if you do not fit the Party Description form criteria for that party. There are no refunds if you lie on the booking form and you will be turned away at the door, or have your booking cancelled.
Guys, if it is your 1st party with us you will need to prepay your door fee. Always ask first, don’t be pushy and NO means NO.
Do not turn up drunk or drink too much at the party. You will be asked to leave and receive a strike.
This is a drug-free environment
If you are on the list and do not turn up you get one strike, 2 strikes and you are out.
Do not bring a friend without asking.
Always practice safe sex (condoms provided).
If you are not sure about something – just ask us.