Costs; Party & Membership fees & Deposits


Single Ladies – $10
Any ladies keen to experience group sex won’t find a better offer in Melbourne/Australia. Memberships are free for single ladies. Please pre pay your party fees to secure a spot at your selected party.

Single Men – Party fees are $150 non members and $130 for Members & Gold Members. If you don’t have a membership you will need to pay a $50 retainer, as soon as you are excepted to a party. It’s important that the ladies get what they want, guys wise, so if you’re a bit short this week $$ let me no and I will see what I can do with a smaller fee, as long as you don’t make a habit of it.

Our prices reflect how popular our parties are with single men, it really is that simple.. Of late our fees have been questioned. The venues we use are pricey. The girls that come to our parties are classy. If we used sub standard venues, then the girls attending will follow suite. It’s up to you.

Single men – Membership fees for single men are $50 a year. Memberships are due the 1st of Jan each year. If it’s after July 1st it will go for 18 months. Members will be prioritized and placed at the top of the party list when they apply, have the discounted party fee, access to events. Your Membership number will be the first letter of your first name and the last 4 numbers of your mobile number. Use these 5 digits when depositing your $50 membership fee or any other money. If you break the Playpen rules, you will loose your membership fee. This has been a necessity to stop people signing up and then not turning up to the party. Guys, if you have something special to bring to a party , let me no and we could offer a discount.

Gold Memberships are for single guys that are regulars and have a proven record of always turning up when they are on a party list and not braking the rules. There are no Membership fees for a Gold Member. Gold Member party fees are $130. Gold Memberships will be awarded by me.

Couples – $70
We can’t think of a more romantic evening for a modern couple. Memberships are free for couples. Please pre pay your party fees to secure a spot at your selected party.

PRIVATE PARTIES-Couples & Single girls booking fees. After we talk and discuss your needs for your personalized party, then I will be able to give you a quote of your costs. It will usually range from $10 – $500. The fee depend on what you’re after. The more complicated the more the cost, just like life. If the party doesn’t go ahead because of us, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel we will need to take out our costs from your deposit. This fee is a confirmation of your commitment to The Playpen.

For Memberships… Deposit $50 into our account and then send in the application form. Our Banking Details. The Playpen. BSB: 083-202 Acct No: 59-529-4713 Use your membership number when making a payment. The first letter of your first name/s and the last 4 digits of you mobile number.

After you pay your Membership, fill in & send us the form below


Please see our Rules for acceptable behaviour at these parties