Trophy Page of Honor

This page is devoted to those that have gone the extra mile. These will need to happen at a Playpen event/s with witnesses. Guys/Girls that have done a party Trifecta.. 3 parties in one day. Girls/Guys that have been with multiple girls/guys at the same time or with in 24 hours or for an amount of time can be on this page. Please apply to if you think you’re up for this challenge.

Cleo has set a new TPP record. On the 27th of Jan 2024, Cleo took on 8 guys for 5.45 hours. This is a new TPP record. If any girl/s want to take on this record, just contact me and we will set it up for you.

Sam has the Sexfecta when he went to 3 parties in the same day, in a row and fucked at each party. So far Sam is King of the Trifecta.

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Sammy has the trifecta award,,, 3 parties in one day and he fucked them all.