Gang bangs made to order just for you

Ladies. If you are single or Married and have always wanted to be with multiple men at the same time (gang bang style) this is your time to have your fun. If you’re between bf’s and want to tick some things off your bucket list before you get attached again. If it’s a one-time thing or a new lifestyle you want to experience… if you’re going to get back at your bf for ignoring you or if you just need a boost emotionally or for your confidence the best divorce party ever. Do you want to be fucked by a bunch of random guys. Contact me and i can make it all happen.

my gangbang experience

I first read about the Playpen on this subreddit and thought it was high time I ticked off a bucket list item in style. I made contact with Chris through the website and after a few no-holds-barred conversations and a lot of back and forth emails, settled on 4-5 additional guys from his “harem” to fulfill my fantasy. I was able to seclude myself in the bedroom and await their arrival, and Chris gave them the rundown of the rules for the night. The Captain came in first, and while he kissed and got me positioned, the rest of them filtered in….. See full article