NO means NO.
Ignoring messages from us when you’re on a party list, is not an answer & you’ll be banned.
Do not apply for a party if you do not fit the Party description/profile for that party. There are no refunds, if you lie on the booking form, you will be turned away at the door. Always ask first, don’t be pushy and NO means NO.
Do not turn up drunk or drink too much at the party.

If you can’t tick all the boxes you can not apply for a party.
This is a drug-free environment
If you are on the list and do not turn up, you will loose your membership fee & will be banned for life.
Do not bring a anyone without asking first.

Make sure you are freshly showered and your nails are not sharp.

Camera’s & Phones must stay in your bag or pocket. If you need to use it please ask for a place to go to use it.
Practice safe sex (condoms provided). Unless it’s a bare back party then get an STD test.
If you are not sure about something – just ask us. All participants must be over 18 years old.


The people who come to our parties are invited guests, we cannot guarantee who will actually be there on the day as last minute circumstances may prevent some people from attending. We also do not guarantee any sexual contact of any nature between the guests at the party. We provide a safe place for you to meet and the rest is up to you. All participants must be over 18 years old.