Private party booking form and info, for girls to apply

Each private party starts with a girl or girls or a couple with a girl, contacting us and letting us know what their fantasy is. It could be a multiple hand massage, it might be 4 guys at one time, or maybe a train, possibly to be air tight. We have been setting these up since 2012 and we know what we are doing. Tell us your fantasy and let us make it into a reality for you. We have a safe and secure environment for you to relax and have the experience of your life. The girls are the centre of attention. We start with you and build the event around your needs/wants with the guys ‘you’ choose from our stable. You tell us what kind of guys you’re looking for, age, nationality, cock size, body size, Fit etc. Make your shopping list and we will fill it for you. You might want to be treated like a princess or fucked hard and fast like a dirty little whore or maybe spanked like a naughty school girl, it’s up to you… we can’t wait to meet you and get this all started….Contact us when you’re ready. Fill in the form below or just email us.

Please fill in this form and we will contact you a.s.a.p.