JP is back in Australia. April 5th at 7 pm

Jp is a very sexy early 30’s, Asian girl that visits us to be fucked by white Men. She is as you can see very petite. Her 1st party had to be guys with 6in and under cocks. Now for party 3, JP wants to go up to 8 inches. Fat will be an issue, so skinny cocks are preferred. She might act like a lady, but she wants to be fuck like a slut. Cum on her, in her and all over her body, face & mouth. This is a Bare Back party so get you test. If you have one from March 16th send it in with your booking form. If you can’t tick all the boxes you can’t come. You need to pre pay when you get picked. Jp is looking for 10 to 15 guys.

If the booking comes up as an ‘error’ please email me a photo and the answers to the questions or yes to all the questions. If you don’t get an email response in a couple of days check your trash folder. Your booking is a commitment to come or cancel when you can’t make it. Make sure you read the rules. If you can’t tick all the boxes you can’t apply.

Only apply if you have a recent STD test from the last 2 weeks.

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