1. Hi all,
    Jen here. One of the girl who regularly comes to these. I just wanted to put up my experience from a girls point of veiw on here. I’m glad I attended my first party as I will continue to attend as often as I can. The owner/organizer is amazing very respectful. He checks in often to make sure your right through the whole thing. Your comfort through the whole party is what he thinks about. So dont ever feel afraid to say hey no I’ve had enough. He will stop the party right than…He makes your saftey the first priority. And caters to your wants. Each person may have different preferences…. As for who the whole party works. It’s very discrete, which also makes your comfort level goes up. The men involved also listen to what you have to say and I’ve personally never had an issue with any of them. They ask you if ots ok to try something and leave the decision up to you. Which I found fantastic. Over all very happy I finally decided to do this.
    If I’d gone somewhere else I doubt I would have felt so welcome and comfortable as the way I do with this group. And ultimately that is the reason i will be continuing my parties in the future.

  2. We were lucky enough to attend a party on January 15th and wow, what a great time we had. I felt safe at all times, the rooms were clean and well stocked with everything a girl could need and the quality of the players was outstanding. A well mannered, clean, good looking bunch of guys who could not do enough to help me feel comfortable and safe. The party was well organised, in a central location and I can’t wait for the next time we are in Melbourne. See you next time xx

  3. It was a great time last night for Rose GB as a guy. The set up was so good and the atmosphere was chill. The apartment was discreet and it went smoothly. Rose was super attractive girl and the scenes were amazing

  4. We attended a Players, Group party on December 3 2022 as a couple.
    We are seasoned swingers but this was our first gang bang experience and boy was it a good one.
    Chris was an amazing host who made us feel very welcome and relaxed.
    He asked what I was interested in and we shared wants and boundaries.
    All players were respectful and asked permission before performing certain acts, this ensured that nothing unwanted happened.
    We will definitely be coming again in the future 🙂

  5. Party on 7th Jan is the Best party to start off the year with a Bang. Chris hosts the best parties. He’s been in this industry for a long time and he knows what he’s doing.

  6. Had a great time Saturday night at the players party the girls were attractive and the guys were easy to get along with and Chris the host is a top guy and will be going to a few more events when there on next

  7. Had a great time on Saturday the 7th of Jan enjoying all things that feel good with great people chasing the same thing. Will definitely be back!

  8. I had a great time at my first gb. I was quite nervous, but with chris taking care of all the logistics and making sure the guys new what I wanted it went great. Will definitely be back for more.

  9. We had a private party Thursday 8th 2023. Chris is a great host & the guys were friendly, respectful & all top performers. Definitely be back again.

  10. I had so much fun at my first party! Thanks Chris for making it all so easy. The guys were respectful and considerate and had some excellent techniques and I can’t wait to do it again.

  11. Hello Everyone,

    We had our first GB kindly organised by Chris, it was amazing to say the least. Chris asked what we wanted and his team delivered.

    We will definitely be returning for more hot nights

  12. This was my first private party and it was fantastic!
    Chris really made the process super easy and I felt comfortable all way.
    The guys were very respectful and skilled (I couldnt get enough )
    I was left with the biggest smile and will definitely be back again.

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