Our Next Parties

Saturday July 27th we have 3 parties.

Party 1.

Lynn will be the girl for the 3 pm party.

Lynn is back for another fun time with us. Lynn is in her late 40’s and is looking great, see the photo below. Don’t think you will dominate this girl tho as Lynn loves to tell the boys what to do. See the booking form below to see if you qualify. Lynn ‘s is looking for 8 guys to make her afternoon.

Party 2.

July 27th at 6pm is the sexy Kylie.

As you can see by Kylie’s photo’s she has the body and believe me and the guys that have meet her before, she also has the face. Kylie is in her late 30’s and is looking for 6 to 8 guys, that fit the criteria listed below, to make her night with a gang bang.

Party 3.

The July 27th 9 pm has not been determined as of yet…. This spot is available for any girl/s or couples interested in having a private party arranged just for them . Have a read about it in the ‘whats a group or Private party’ section. Basically tell us what & who you want and we will make it happen. Contact us at info@theplaypen.com.au