Our Next Parties

Friday the 18th of October we will have 2 Parties.

Party 1. Chelsea is playing at 2.30 pm

Chelsea is an African woman in her early thirties, who is a size 10, 5’9, big brown eyes and size D cup natural tear drop breasts. “I have always wanted to be a cum slut by having sex with 4 men at the same time. I want the guys to come all over by body.” Chelsea is looking for 3 guys that fit all the criteria set out below. If you can’t tick all the boxes you can not apply. DO NOT TICK BOXES IF IT DOESN’T RELATE TO YOU, WE WILL FIND OUT.

Party 2.

The 8 pm is an open group party.

This party is for couples, single girls and single guys. If you’re a girl looking have more than one guy at a time, if you’re a husband or boyfriend & want to see a few guys fuck your girl, then this party is for you. We will have a variety of guys form which you can choose to have your fantasy party.

Girls or Couples booking form. October 18th.

Single guys booking form. Please note we will add your number to our data base unless you ask us not too. DO NOT TICK BOXES IF IT DOESN’T RELATE TO YOU.