Our Next Parties

We will be following COVID-19 guide lines. Please bring/send proof of being double Vac’d. If you have any of the following, please do not attend our events and get tested immediately.

• fever • respiratory symptoms ○ coughing ○ sore throat ○ shortness of breath.

Scroll down for our up and cuming parties…. Dec 4th & the 17th.

December 4th at 4pm…Kate is new to The Playpen and the Swinger scene. She is looking for 4 guys to help her experience her first Gb. It will be a Vanilla Gang Bang and she wants to have it with us. Kate’s party is now full

Kates party is now full….

Dec 4th at 6.30pm we have a new girl called Holly. This sexy mid 30’s girl is looking for a cream pie party. Holly wants about 10 guys to fuck and fill her up. Holly loves men, all men kinds of men.. brown, white, yellow or blue… the only classification she is not into are fit, gym junkies…. so only average or under bodied men are needed and the older the better ( Holly likes older guys the most)

Fill in Holly’s booking form below to go to her party

The next Players will be on Saturday December the 4th at 9pm.

Players party are for single girls, single guys and couples. First timers beware, We will be having lots of fun Adult style. The guys will be regulars or screened. There will be lots of fun people and a great view form the balcony.

Fill in the booking form and we will see you tonight the 4th of December…

Our Private parties start when girls/ladies/wana be sluts contact us so we can set up their personalized party. Times available are 3pm, 6pm and 9pm any day of the week.

Each private party starts with a girl or girls or a couple with a girl contacting us and letting us know what their personal fantasy is. It could be a multiple hand massage, it might be 4 guys at one time, or maybe a train, possibly to be air tight. We have been setting these up since 2012 and we k now what we are doing. Tell us your fantasy and let us make it a reality for you. We have a safe and secure environment for you to relax and have the experience of your life. You girls are the centre of attention. We start with you and build the event around your needs with the guys you choose. You tell us what kind of guys you want, age, nationality, cock size, body size, Fit etc. Make your shopping list and we will fill it. You might want to be treated like a princess or fucked hard and fast like a dirty little whore or maybe spanked like a naughty school girl, it’s up to you… we can’t wait to meet you and get this all started….Contact us when you’re ready. Fill in the form below or just email us. info@thepplaypen.com.au.

Jen…Santa’s little helper is having her Xmas party tonight. Who wants to cum down her chimney.

Friday the 17th of December at 8.30pm.

Jen loves all kinds of men, so age and nationality is not an issue. Jen is in her late 20’s, she is a sexy curvy size 16, is about 5’5 and has amazing tits, see the photo’s below. Jen wants to be blind folded, tied her up, loves anal sex if the night is right, she wants to be used by you to satisfy ‘your’ needs, she wants to suck your cock and be cream pied…she wants to please you and make you happy. Jen also has a soft spot for dark skinned guys. Send a recent STD test to go bare back with her. Fill in the booking form below to apply. Jen is going to spice it up with some light bondage at the beginning of the night, so if you have any experience please let us know in the comment box.

Suzy Q will be playing when we get out of lock down.

Suzy is looking for her first GB with The Playpen. She is in her early 40’s and a bit of a stunner, (trust me i have seen her other pic’s). As you can see below she has a rocking body that screams for sex. Her fantasy is to have 6 to 10 guys at the same time, pleasuring her, while she gives it back.

Guys interested in joining Suzy Q need to be able to tick all the boxes on this booking form below.

Violets party.. date to be announced

Violet is looking for a bare back party.

Fill in the booking form below. Make sure you let us no your ethnicity in the feed back box. Violet is looking for a mixture of nationalities. She likes to be called slutty names and lightly spanked and of course fucked.. When we have a date we will let you know..

All our events start with girls or a couple contacting us, looking to have their fantasy become a reality. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will make it happen.. We have been doing this since 2004, so we no what we are doing info@theplaypen.com.au