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Our next parties are on Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of December.

Friday the 28th at 8 pm, we will be have a private party for Emma, see photo's to the right. Guys need to be fit to average bodies and 18 to 55 yo. Emma is also looking for some fun on Sunday the 30th. 

Saturday the 29th at 9 pm, We will have a group party. This will be for couples, single girls and Some hand picked single guys.

Maree will be having a private party on Saturday the 29th at 4 pm. see photo below. Maree is in her early 40’s, 5 ft 6, a curvy size 12-14 with d cup boobs.. We need 4 guys that are nice to look at, Caucasian, 5 10' plus, 7 inch plus cocks, average to athletic build, minimal body hair and tattoos are a bonus.

Please email us to book in any interest for these parties. Our phone will be on from the 26th of December 0400713827. Send me your name, your mobile number, your description or a photo and the party you want to attend. 


The people who come to our parties are invited guests, we cannot guarantee who will actually be there on the day as last minute circumstances may prevent some people from attending. We also do not guarantee any sexual contact of any nature between the guests at the party. We provide the safe place for you to meet and the rest is up to you.


  • No means NO.
  • If you don’t qualify for a party then please do not apply. There are no refunds if you lie.
  • Always ask first, don’t be pushy.
  • Do not turn up drunk or drink too much or you will be asked to leave.
  • Do not be pushy.
  • Drug free environment.
  • If your are on the list and do not turn up, you may not be invited again.
  • Do not bring a friend without asking first.
  • Always practice safe sex.
  • If you’re not sure about some thing, just ask us.

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