Gang Bang Swingers Club

The Playpen is the only long standing, high quality gang bang club in Australia. It’s what we do. We’ve been turning fantasies into reality since 2004… because we do it so damn well.

Ladies we look after you by tailoring your gang bang to be every hot thing you can imagine. You will feel safe and like the sexy, wanton Goddess that you are.

Some women LOVE men, and have a voracious appetite! We not only understand that… we celebrate it. Ever dreamed of being surrounded by sexy men? Touched? Desired? The star of the show? Let us help you blow your mind (and others) and have the time of your life.

Never think of multi-tasking the same way again!

Whether you are a single woman looking to sate your desires, a couple who get off by having your gorgeous girl pleasuring and being pleasured by a group of men or a hot horny guy who enjoys being a team player … we make sexual bucket lists come true!

Once you’ve come… you won’t want to stop.

Our Next Parties

We have 4 parties planned for March, so far, please scroll down.

We will be following COVID-19 guide lines. Please bring any recent COVID tests. Please do not come if you have any of the following symptoms below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - How to find medical information - Research Guides  at State Library of Victoria

Friday the 12th of March at 3 pm. Ann is back for another afternoon play. This international beauty (see her photo below) is in her 30’s, she has a great body and she wants to fuck some men. As long as you fit the profile in the booking form you can come along and meet Ann. This time she might be bringing a girls friend…

Friday the 12th of March at 6 pm. We will be having a meeting at our regular spot. See the booking form below and only apply if you fit all the requirements. Skye likes it a bit rough and all holes filled.

Friday the 12th of March 9 pm. Tonight we will have a couples party with a few single girls and guys. Numbers will be posted here as we book people in.

Saturday March 20th at 3 pm we will be catching up with Claudia. This sexy lady (see her Photo’s below) is in her late 40’s, loves a gang bang and a variety of men, so there are no nationality restrictions for this party. Guys with dark skin (esp Indian guys) will get to the top of the list. Make sure you can honestly answer yes to every one of the questions below.

Violets party.. date to be announced

Violet is looking for a bare back party.

Fill in the booking form below. Make sure you let us no your ethnicity in the feed back box. Violet is looking for a mixture of nationalities. She likes to be called slutty names and lightly spanked and of course fucked.. When we have a date we will let you know..

We are looking for girls or a couple looking to have your fantasy come true. Just contact us and let us know what you are looking for..

What is a group or private gang bang

Want to shag to your hedonistic hearts delight with like-minded sexy deviants? Well, we’ve got the party for you. As we are all deliciously unique and have our own kinky fantasies we have two styles of party to suit your needs.

Private Gang Bang

Girls this is a private gang bang designed just for you (or you and another girl should you choose). From the moment you contact us we’ll help create the party of your dreams. You tell us what kind of guy you want, what theme, how many and any other exciting detail you can think of.

What kind of guy…
The Playpen is so successful because we have a sensational community of hot horny men in all shapes and sizes waiting to hear what you want. We are extremely strict with our vetting, however, it’s not about age or fitness, it’s about what turns you on. If you want bald guys with beards, or hung guys who don’t smoke, older guys, cut guys, cuddly guys or smart guys you put your desires in your private party description. Our community of guys reads your description, and if (and ONLY IF) they fit your description, and want to be on your team, they will apply to attend. We vet from there.

What theme…
Do you want it hot and hard or soft and fun, all at once or five guys one at a time, a sexy scenario to dress up or down for, ten guys with their hands all over you or do you want your ass spanked while tied and blind-folded? If you can think it up, we will make it happen. Again our hunky community of men only apply if the theme matches them and their style of play.

Group Gang Bang / Open Parties

Love a lucky dip? Get turned on by the element of surprise? Do you like the idea of playing with other couples, being watched, watching? Our group gang bang/open party is an environment with typically 2 – 5 girls (single or partnered) and a group of delicious guys (avg 5 per girl). There will always be a higher ratio of guys to girls or it would be a gang bang.

You don’t have to organise anything, you just to turn up smelling yummy ready to meet sexy people, and have the time of your life. You play as much or as little as you wish. We are happy for first timers to come along and just watch, no pressure to play at all. Come and enjoy the company, the nibbles, the very sexy environment and get inspired! This is a great party for first timers.

Each group party will have a description and all who fit it are welcome to come. That means… so many options! No always means No (please check our Rules). We ask you to send a brief description of yourself with your booking and if asked a photo.

How a Gang Bang party works

Our parties are all set up around the girls. When we set up a private party for you, you tells us what you want and we will make it happen. You pick the guys, you pick the theme and you will get exactly what you want. At a group party you will fine a mix of people again for you to choose from.

Private Gang Bangs

A girl or couple contacts us and tells us her/their fantasy. She may be into a bit of bondage, some slap and tickle or maybe just 5 guys taking her from every direction, filling all her holes! We have no judgement, just excitement to help her full fill her deviant dream. We will chat about what to expect and answer any questions. Then a booking fee of $200 needs to be paid. This shows us your commitment to the party (it separates the talkers from serious people). After this is received, we can set up your party on the party page. There will be a refund depending on your requests and our expenditures. It’s very important that the guys turn up on time so the flow of the party is not affected.

We find out what she is looking for, and how the party will play out, and fill out a Party Description form including the date and time party to be.

If the girl is happy posting a photo of her luscious curves (with or without face) we will add this to her description. If no photo we will make her description detailed so any interested guys can choose if this is the party for them. We add all these details to our Our Next Parties page.

To ensure she gets her perfect guys, any guys interested need to fill in the Party Description form and tick that they meet the requirements (or comment for variations eg – if the girl would like beards and you have just a moustache, if she wants men with hair on the head and you have stubble etc). Guys MUST FIT the requirements to join the party. You will need to include a photo, your name and mobile number.
We work on a first in best dressed system 😉 After we have processed you we will let you know if you have been accepted to the party. You will then be added to the party list and sent the address on the day of the party. We host our parties right near the Melbourne CBD.

We will confirm with the girl/guys when the party numbers have been reached and check in prior to the party. Girls… guys don’t always plan ahead like you may well do! This doesn’t mean they don’t want to ravage you. Don’t panic, it’s normal to be booked up quickly or be finalising your party the few days prior.

Come party day we encourage the girl to arrive at a certain time to get familiar with the venue, have a laugh and be relaxed for the guys to arrive. Nerves are normal and help give you a super adrenaline spike! When the guys arrive everyone can share a drink and some nibbles and… have a wild time. These parties go for as long as the girl wants them too… and as long as the guys can last!

Girls register your interest to book a private gang bang through the contact form on the Contact page.

Please see our Rules below for acceptable behaviour at these parties

Group Gang Bangs/Open Parties

These parties are for couples, single girls and single guys. There will always be more men than women. Standard requirement of 18 to 55 year olds. Fit to average bodies. We make the group as diverse as possible to fit everyone’s wants and needs. If there is a specific theme/requirements for the night we will require you to fill out a Party Description form to apply.

We encourage you to arrive at the designated party start time to feel relaxed and build the excitement… chat, drink, grab a nibble.  As players strip down it turns up the heat and really kicks the party off with a fun vibe. Please arrive within the start time period so it’s comfortable for everyone.

These parties go for about 5 to 6 hours. You do not need to play, you are welcome to come and watch. Our Next Parties page outlines the parties coming up, register your interest there.

Bare back parties

If you want to be available for a bare back party, no condoms, you will need to have regular check. The Sexual health clinic is at 580 Swanston st Carlton, call 93416200 to book an appointment. Get checked every 3 to 6 months and just before a party. They can give you results if you ask for them. We will need to see at least two results over a 6 month period.


NO means NO.
Do not apply for a party if you do not fit the Party Description form criteria for that party. There are no refunds if you lie and you will be turned away at the door if you are not suitable.
Guys, if it is your 1st party with us you will need to prepay your door fee. Always ask first, don’t be pushy and NO means NO.
Do not turn up drunk or drink too much at the party. You will be asked to leave.
This is a drug-free environment
If you are on the list and do not turn up you get one strike, 2 strikes and you are out.
Do not bring a friend without asking.
Always practice safe sex (condoms provided).
If you are not sure about something – just ask us.

Party numbers – help us keep the numbers correct

Help us make these parties fantastic. The party numbers are so important. It’s all about the balance of guys to girls. We work hard to ensure a sensational and sexy environment for all our parties. For group parties we aim for 5 guys to each girl.

If you are lucky enough to get on the list and then can’t make it, you need to let us know A.S.A.P. If we sms you and ask for a response you need to respond or we will have to remove you from the list. If you just don’t turn up you will get a strike. Two strikes and you are out and banned. We need everyone on the list or the party will be unbalanced and won’t work. Guys interested in coming to bare back parties (no condoms) need to get regular STD checks. Go to 580 Swanston st Carlton and get checked every 3 to 6 months. Call 93416200 to book an appointment.

It’s crucial you let us know if you can’t attend. We like to let the other girls know how many girls will be at the party with them.

If you feel nervous come along and watch, chat and see what it’s all about. We have all had our first party at some point and totally understand how you are feeling. We are here to help you have the best experience possible and enhance the party as a whole.

Up close and personal

Please shower just before coming to the party (you can also shower at the party throughout the night, BYO towel). Showering the morning of the party is NOT acceptable. As you will be getting up close and personal please pay specific attention to your breath, body odour and genitals (both front and back). If your personal hygiene is not up to standard you will be asked to rectify or leave the party.

Girls, if you are wanting to have an all holes filled extravaganza… and wish for tips on how to prepare the ‘go zones’, we can send you our tip sheet. Please consider the time of the month when booking as it’s important we balance numbers and wish to avoid last minute cancellations.

What to wear

Come dressed in smart/casual and sexy outfits. Arrive at the designated party start time so everyone can meet and greet, have a drink and nibble and feel relaxed and comfortable. After an initial meet and greet you’ll find the urge to strip down… that’s if you’ve made it that long! Girls can wear sexy lingerie, slutty outfits, or be naked. Guys can wear good quality and clean underwear or naked. If you arrive late you can relax, chat, grab a drink and nibbles in our main area while getting in the mood 😉 To enter the party rooms you will need to strip down, otherwise it can feel uncomfortable for the other party members already playing.


If you feel nervous come along and watch, chat and see what it’s all about. We have all had our first party at some point and totally understand how you are feeling. We also know how exciting, sexy and hot it can be when surrounded by gang banging parties! We are here to help you have the best experience possible and enhance the party as a whole. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions to help put you at ease.

We supply…

Soft drink and nibbles, condoms and lube are supplied free of charge.
Bathroom and shower facilities provided.
BYO towel.
BYO alcohol (but keep it to a minimum).


We have a small locked box for wallets/phones, however, we are not responsible for any lost or stolen valuables.
Phones and cameras are not to be in party rooms at all, unless at request and consent of girl and players.


We host our parties in East Melbourne.
If you have been notified that you have been accepted to a party you will be added to the party list and sent the address on the day of the party.
Please be quiet and discreet entering and leaving the premises.

Party Fees, Costs & Deposits


Single Ladies – $10
Any ladies keen to experience group sex won’t find a better offer in Melbourne.

Single Men – $110
Our prices reflect how popular our parties are with single men, it really is that simple. If it is your first time with us you will need to pre pay your door fee. Of late our fees have been questioned. The venues we use are pricey. The girls that come to our parties are classy. If we used sub standard venues, then the girls attending will follow suite. It’s up to you.

Couples – $55
We can’t think of a more romantic evening for a modern couple.

PRIVATE PARTIES-Couples & Single girls booking fee To confirm your first booking we will require a $200 deposit. You will be refunded the balance on the day of the party, minus expenses (approx; $50) and minus your party fee ($55). If the party doesn’t go ahead because of us, you will receive a full refund.

Our Banking Details. The Playpen. BSB: 083-202 Acct No: 59-529-4713

This form is for guys, girls or couples interested in posting a photo on our site.