Welcome to The Playpen. Let us turn your fantasy into a reality.

Our Next Parties

Our next parties will be on Saturday the 19th of January.

If you are a girl or couple looking for you very own personalised gang bang set up  please email us at info@theplaypen.com.au . If this date doesn’t work for you, we can do it on any date you wish to choose, even during the week or in the middle of the day. Every party we do starts with a girl or couple call us and letting us know what their fantasy is. 

What is a group-or-private-gang-bang

Private Parties
Private Gang Bangs are parties that have been designed or tailor made to suit the fantasy of a girl or girls. The girls will post a description of the kind of guys they want to have at their party. So guys, please only apply if you fit that profile. There will also be a brief description on how the party will play out. And again if your not into the theme, don’t apply. You might want it soft or hard, all at once or one at a time, have ten guys put their hands all over you while you’re blind folded or tired up and have your ass spanked. If you can think it up, we will make it happen. 

Open / Group Parties
Open Parties are for a variety of couples, single girls and single guys, that again fit the profile set out in the advertisement and have been approved. It’s all about choice so be assured you will be able to pick from the group and get what your looking for. No always means No. We usually don’t ask for photo’s for these parties, but if we don’t please make sure you send us a brief description of yourself with your booking.

How-a party-works & Rules

Private Gang Bangs
Every party starts with a girl contacting us with her fantasy party request. We will then post on the site what she is looking for. Info like how the party will play out, if she’s into a bit of bandage and some slap and tickle or maybe just 5 guys taking her from every direction filling all her holes. To make sure she gets her perfect guys, we will post a profile that the guys must fit, if they want to join her. Most of the time guys will need to send in a photo. Sometimes the girl will let us post some photo’s of her or there will be a detailed description.  These parties go for as long as the girl wants them to. It’s all about the girls at these parties.

So girls, it’s up to you to contact us and get the ball rolling.   

Group / Open Gang Bangs
Open parties are for multiple couples, single girls and single guys. We make the group as diverse as possible to make sure we can fit everyone’s wants and needs. We will meet at a place that we have organised, have a chat, a wine and see if we can find some thing to do that we might have in common. There will still be a standard requirement of 18 to 55 yo and fit to average bodies at these parties. These parties go for about 5 to 6 hours.  

Help us keep our party numbers correct
Our party numbers are very important to us, as we need to keep a good balance of  boys to the girls. We aim for about 5 guys to every girl at the group parties. If you are lucky enough to get on to a list and then can’t make it, you need to let us know a.s.a.p. If we sms you and ask for a response you need to respond or we will have to removed from the list. If you just don’t turn up, the party will be unbalanced and won’t work. I can not stress enough the importance of this. We host our parties in Melbourne in the suburb of East Melbourne. We have single guys, single girls and couples at our parties. You will receive the address in a text on the day of the party.

How do i get to a party

Choose a party
that you believe will be the most suitable for you.

Do you fit the profile
Please only apply for a party if you fit the profile. You will be turned away at the door if you’re not suitable.

Register your interest
by submitting your details through our contact page or email a photo and your details to info@theplaypen.com.au

After we process you we will let you know if you have been accepted to the party. You will then be added to the party list. We will send you the address on the day of the party.
We host our parties in East Melbourne.

No means NO.
If you don’t qualify for a party then please do not apply. There are no refunds if you lie.
Always ask first, don’t be pushy.
Do not turn up drunk or drink too much or you will be asked to leave.
Do not be pushy.
Drug-free environment.
If you are on the list and do not turn up, you may not be invited again.
Do not bring a friend without asking first.
Always practice safe sex.
If you’re not sure about something, just ask us.


Single Ladies – $10
Any ladies keen to experience group sex won’t find a better offer in Melbourne.

Couples – $55
We can’t think of a more romantic evening for a modern couple.

Single Men – $110
Our prices reflect how popular our parties are with single men, it really is that simple.